BLADESAVE System Installation on Real Wind Turbine

The installation of the BLADESAVE System took place at EWT wind turbine in the Netherlands.

Strain patches, accelerometers and AE sensors were installed in various location inside the blades. AE sensors were installed in LE, TE and blade shell locations. There were 6 AE sensors and 4 Strain sensors in each blade and one blade had additional 3 accelerometers. All AE sensors within blade were made as one array. The furthest away point for the installation of AE sensors was 8m; of accelerometers was 10m. Blade shell sensors were installed on the pressure side.

SmartSonic instrument and BladeSave laptop were installed in the specially made cabinets in the hub, SmartScan was installed in the pre-existing cabinet. The entire system was tested and right now is in production sending LIVE data.

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