Successful Completion of the BladeSave Project 

As a result of the fruitful collaboration between the BladeSave project partners, a unique solution for wind turbine blade monitoring, repair and management was born.   The project sought to develop a condition monitoring system for wind turbine blades. BladeSave is a fusion between a Fibre Optic Structural Health Monitoring System, which provides multi-sensing capabilities (strains, vibrations and acoustic emission), and blade…

September 2, 2020

Watch the BladeSave Demonstration Webinar

On the 27th of August 2020, BladeSave project partners hosted a compelling webinar entitled: Wind Turbine Structural Health Monitoring: a Demonstration of BladeSave.   This webinar addresses specific issues related to the wind energy sector, being of high interest to wind farm owners and operators, wind turbine manufacturers and service providers, academics and researchers working on associated topics.   In case you missed the…

September 1, 2020

BladeSave Destructive Testing Trials

As the BladeSave project is drawing to a close, the consortium has completed the final stage of the project, by performing destructive testing trials with the BladeSave system.   By proficiently merging the partners’ expertise in structural health monitoring, fibre optic sensors and management software, the BladeSave consortium has put together a system designed to reduce the risks associated with wind turbine blade failure.   Project partner EWT…

August 11, 2020
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