The 3rd BLADESAFE Technical Meeting in Suceava

On the 3rd of July, ASSIST hosted the third technical meeting of the Bladesave project. At that time, we were already in the middle of the project so, the focus was on the status of the project and deliverables. Currently, all the features from the software are delivered and we are in the testing and validation stage, this being an interactive process between…

July 11, 2018

BLADESAVE 2nd Technical Meeting in Amersfoort

On 14th of February 2017, Emergya Wind Technologies B.V. hosted the second technical meeting of the Bladesave project. In the begging of the meeting, Stefan de Groot sustained a presentation to introduce EWT, followed by Jialin Tang that reviewed the project progress with the consortium. The D1.1 Test Plan was submitted before the due date.…

February 20, 2018

The 1st BLADESAVE Technical Meeting in Bracknell

On 10th of October, Smart Fibres hosted the first technical meeting of the Bladesave project to which took part all the consortium members and Ivan Ginga, the European Commissioner. The introduction was made by Jose Alvarez who sustained a presentation about Smart Fibres and…

October 19, 2017
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