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Global designer and producer of WTs of 250KW to 900KW, EWT has over 600 turbines spinning based on its technology across North America, Europe and Asia. Will lead the initial phase of the action providing end user requirements and steering the project towards their needs (WP1), will provide wind turbines for system installation, testing and…

September 20, 2018

ASSIST Software

Specialist in Software development, Cloud Computing technology, management of big data and remote system optimisation and administration, with a successful track record in delivering commercial and industrial-grade IoT hardware and firmware services. ASSIST will develop the communication system and the pre-processing of data to perform system’s trials (WP1) and lead the system finalisation supporting Renewable Advice…


TWI’s is a world leading research organisation with and extensive industry network (over 50 members with ties to the wind power industry, located in Europe, USA and Far East), an international renowned ability in researching and developing NDT and SHM solutions for a broad range of applications, currently operating from 54,000 square metres of manufacturing,…

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